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How It Works

We provide you with a safe and cost-effective alternative to solve your computer service needs. Using the most advanced cloud engine technology, our computer experts can diagnose and repair your computer system via the Internet, no matter where you are.

Our technician will guide you complete installation of secure software. This software allows you dedicated computer experts to view and operate your computer, just as the experts in your room with you. This means that, to fix your PC and laptop on the Internet without you have to unplug everything and bring PC to our shop, even have not a stranger in your home..

From our the remote location experts can easily handle any computers or laptops problems with you want it  such as:

How it works to removing Errors on Boot-up

How it is working to clear the virus , Spyware and Trojan

How it works to Check PC Security Performance

and System Optimization

We can also easily handle your complex problems through the internet, such as:

(1) By Using the top advanced technology of cloud engine our computer experts can be killing Trojans of millions different types, and even completely clear the infected computer.

(2) By Using the top advanced technology of cloud identification, our computer experts can do data backup and recovery.

(3) By using state-of-the-art cloud computing platform technology our computer experts can install the OS (WIN7, XP) to your computer at online only.

This just to name a few

If you do not know what the problem is , where it comes from, this is normal. We can run a complete diagnostic software on your system, to solve the problems we encountered. The software will be removed when the repair work completed by our engineers
The whole process usually takes less than an hour. Repair time should be faster than you go to a local repair shop.

We repair your laptops (computers) as easy as 1-2-3 ! our shop reliable computer and laptop repair service in North America Since 1995.

1 Chat with a technician or call us toll free at 1-613-742-7233

2 your PC Expert will guide you through the installation of's safe and secure Software, allowing him to identify your systems problems.

3 Your PC Expert will professionally repair all of the problems he finds on your system and remove all viruses or malwares on your computer. Or he completed the work of other service package you purchase orders,such as: Battery Performance Testing  or online to install the OS etc.. No fix no charge