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Security Management Service

The four categories of 15 full security check, it will be to check set security,  including Security patches audit with the patch was applied, virus killing, shielded high-risk ports,shared management, establish security

Why You Need us to check your PC Security Performance?

    Why You Need us to check your PC Security Performance? There is a good chance your computer is infected with spyware. Spyware finds its way onto unsuspecting computers through various hidden methods. Once infected, your PC can get bogged down by hidden processes, unwanted pop ups, web browser hijackers and many other symptoms, your computer problem can happen any time, so being prepared to work is very important: Important documents, such as bank accounts, employee history, curriculum vita etc, to prevent them from being exposed. it is important to take every precaution to ensure their safety.

    We use professional anti-spyware software to finds these nasty pests, then quarantines them, and install a patch to close the back door. so that your computer will work like expected safety. Repair your computer and laptop over the Internet without packing it up and taking it to our store. We offer Virus Removal and online computer support (include online install OS and backup your data ) from live technical experts.

We Guarantee Our Work

Our commitment to you never stop to our repair or virus removal service.  We guarantee our services within 30 days from date of invoice. If you have the same problem in 30 days to return to our site, we will be free to redo computer repair in during the warranty period. Until our technicians completed their service. you will get your money back. (we went a little bit extra to ensure your satisfaction by offering a 100% money back guarantee). if the problem cannot be repaired.

Remote service engineers via Remote access to client PC, (by a computer (host ) to remote control another computer(client) on the network)  to help users solve computer-related problems,  the specialized engineers to arrived at the users on-site does not require.

Network technicians only need to be able to remotely control a user's computer, like directly in the operation of the local computer. only need you simple help to get a first-hand material of your problems, we will soon be able to find where the problem is, and resolve them.

NO RISK FOR YOU,  no reason to look any further for your computer repair. please call us to start a chat now.