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100% Money Back Guarantee
Perfection in computer repair and virus removal is what every one of our Experts strive to achieve.All of our technicians are Microsoft Certified and continue to stay current in the fast-paced,ever-changing world of technology.Because of their comments to excellence,we ... Click for more...
Our Guarantee

Computer Care Center Guarantee to You

The trust is an important part of every relationship, we believe that trust is the basic guarantee of our service. For this reason computercare will never ask you to provide your credit card number or banking account information over the phone. All payments are done directly on our website. We do not collect your credit card information until you are satisfied the work is done properly. We do not store your information on our systems so there there is no information loss or the possibility of identity theft to consider. We use PayPal to process our credit card payments, providing a full range of commercial services,

if your computer problem from software, we perform all diagnostic, virus removal, and other maintenance completely, even consider re-install the operating system online, if you agree to do so this, we believe that your system repair is complete with a new OS . after we have completed the work, you can still get a 30-day warranty period.

If your problem is not the software scope problems, our hardware engineers will continue to serve you. Until you problem solve, We are confident to provide you with a complete NO-risk guarantee.

Your satisfaction is our first priority. Our experts commitment to excellence.
if we can not to fix your computer problem, you have the right to obtain a refund. you will be refunded the total amount on your part.

We Guarantee Our Work

    Our commitment to you never stop to our repair or virus removal service.  We guarantee our services within 30 days from date of invoice. If you have the same problem in 30 days to return to our site, we will be free to redo computer repair in during the warranty period. Until our technicians completed their service. you will get your money back. (we went a little bit extra to ensure your satisfaction by offering a 100% money back guarantee). if the problem cannot be repaired.

    Remote service engineers via Remote access to client PC, (by a computer (host ) to remote control another computer(client) on the network)  to help users solve computer-related problems,  the specialized engineers to arrived at the users on-site does not require.

   Network technicians only need to be able to remotely control a user's computer, like directly in the operation of the local computer. only need you simple help to get a first-hand material of your problems, we will soon be able to find where the problem is, and resolve them.

NO RISK FOR YOU,  no reason to look any further for your computer repair. please call us to start a chat now.